There is no cow level. It was a promise we’ve been told over and over. That doesn’t mean that the Diablo 3 developers didn’t have something new in mind, though. While others were worried about dealing with the many technical issues, it only took players a few days after release to find two secret levels for Diablo 3, and they are ripe with inside jokes.

The first is Whimsyshire, a level full of rainbows, unicorns, and happiness made to poke fun at critiques of Diablo 3’s “colorful” art style. To get here, you need to gather a number of items across several acts — so if you’re going to research how to get to Whimsyshire, be ready for spoilers.

The second is much more of an inside joke, but you can reach it in the first act. Development Hell is a secret level that you have a random chance of getting to from the quest “Shattered Crown.” When you go into one of the three Defiled Crypts from the quest, you have a random chance of being transported to the secret level. In it, monster names are replaced with names and titles of people on the Diablo 3 development team.

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