A lot of new details are being released about the new DLC for Battlefield 3 called “Close Quarters” that is slated to release in June.  The first thing that caught my eye was that it is being released a week early for PS3 players. Congratulations! It was so tiring seeing you guys get the shaft on DLC content. Moving on, though.

All the maps in this DLC are focusing on high intensity indoor gunfights. When asked why they are choosing to focus on the smaller map sizes that are a staple of Call of Duty, instead of focusing on the larger map sizes that are usually representative of the series, DICE said it was time to appeal to that part of their fan base.  “Back to Karkand” focused on larger map sizes and, in this next DLC, they couldn’t ignore the popularity of smaller maps like Operation Metro.

To accompany the smaller map sizes, they are also introducing a number of weapons that will fit in nicely. A lot of them are popular choices in the Call of Duty franchise, like the Spas-12, the Tar 21, the ACR, and the AUG — making it even more blunt that they are targeting the CoD demographic with this DLC.

Another interesting tidbit is that 64-player matches are not available for any of the new maps. With the focus being on close quarters combat, I can’t blame them — ever play Conquest Metro on a 64-man server? Sheesh. It’s a bullet-riddled nightmare.

Of course, more assignments and tags are coming our way as well. So if you’re an achievement hunter, you should have your fill until the next DLC hits, Armored Kill. And if smaller maps aren’t your thing, keep in mind that the next DLC will supposedly feature the largest map in Battlefield history, with a focus on vehicular warfare. Get some.

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