Is PlanetSide 2 Dead? Returning After 3 Years


Ah, Planetside 2. Guys, me and Planetside 2, we go way back. For those who’ve been with my channel for awhile, you know how much I love this game. This game is like that beer that you used to drink all the time. And for some reason you stopped drinkin’ it because you wanted to get fancy. You thought you’d be one of those beer snobs, try somethin’ new, try somethin’ different. But then you get a taste of it again and you’re like, oh my god. It brings a tear to your eye. Why did I ever leave this beer?

Is PlanetSide 2 Dead?

So, with so much time behind the game and with so much emotions invested in one of my favorite beers, I mean, games, I thought it’d be a good idea to head back and check it out, because the question kept digging into my head, is Planetside 2 dead? After so many years of the game being out, could it still have the same player base, could it still have the same experience that it offered so long ago when I fell in love with it?

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I expected to come into Planetside 2 and be completely overwhelmed. I expected there to be so much different, and certainly there is. The implant system has totally changed, there’s new custom player bases and everything, stuff that’s totally different, new weapons. The light assault class has its own little anti-armor weapon which is totally new, totally changes things. But from a basic experience, the joy of Planetside 2, I wasn’t sure if it was gonna be there or not. And guys, I’m not gonna make you read too far into this article to give my answer. It’s there. No, Planetside 2 is not dead. It’s still here, it’s still goin’ strong and it still offers an experience that I cannot freakin’ find anywhere else.

It’s still here, it’s still goin’ strong and it still offers an experience that I cannot freakin’ find anywhere else.

To have a massive battle going on. Look at every pixel on this screen from the air to the ground to the infantry to frickin’ light armor flyin’ everywhere, you cannot find it like this, seamless, no loading zones, in any other game, and that still blows me away to this day. Need I remind you, this game came out in 2012. That means that at the release of this video that you’re watching right now, it’s been out for six years. What game that’s six years old still has the player base that Planetside 2 does? And again, no game has replicated it. I can’t get it.

Trying to Replicate PlanetSide 2

And don’t get me wrong, do not get me wrong. We can go for days on everything that’s wrong with Planetside 2. God knows there’s some improvements that I just wish the developers, whether it was Sony Online Entertainment or Daybreak Games, would just freakin’ implement. But aside from that, you still have to stand in awe as to what it is. And certainly, after playing it for a certain period of time, you could get bored with it, but you will not find it in another game. There’s always gonna be another Call of Duty, there’s always gonna be another Battlefield, there’s always gonna be another arena-based twitch shooter that comes out. And God knows now, there’s always gonna be another Battle Royale game that comes out. But has there been anything like this game?

I mean certainly we’ve seen games that replicate different aspects of Planetside 2, but not the game as a whole, nothing that offers everything that you can get inside of Planetside 2. And I think that’s why six years later, it’s still goin’ strong. Six years later it sees no real huge decline in its player base. This player base has decided that this is the type of game that they wanna play and they’re spoiled. And there’s nothing out there to draw them away from it. So, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I think the only thing at this point that’s gonna kill Planetside 2 is gonna be Planetside 3. I’ll get some people in the comments section that defend some of the games that aimed to do what Planetside 2 has done.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. I think the only thing, at this point, that’s gonna kill Planetside 2 is gonna be Planetside 3.

I keep sayin’ that, “What Planetside 2 has done.” And I referred to some of it earlier in this article. But I’m talking about massive maps, massive miles, right? Different capture points on that map, different objectives, more than just capture points on the map. It needs to have aerial combat, it needs to have armor combat, infantry combat, sniper combat and all sorts of meta in between. So, there are those games that aimed for that meta, but they didn’t quite hit the mark. They’re forever stuck in development. It’s almost as if the ambition was too big for their developers’ britches.

So, I get those recommendations from people all the time. Sergeant Merrell, if you like Planetside 2, check this game out. If like Planetside 2, check this game out, it kinda does the same thing. But it’s in an alpha, it’s not even in a beta. We’ll never see a production version of the game, which is a real shame ’cause I want you guys to follow me down this vision that I have. Take everything that Planetside 2 is and take it into modern combat; take the gun play and the armor concepts of Battlefield, for example, like Battlefield 3. Take that, put it inside of Planetside 2’s scale. Of course, it’s gonna need some more balancing, but how frickin’ cool would that be?

Instead of galaxies that hold lots of troop, and people kind of jump into different locations from the galaxies, you’d have AC-130s, a frickin’ AC-130 that flew over a location, and troops para-trooping in. Instead of having reivers and different EMFs you would have attack choppers. So many cool concepts that would make it so much fun, just taking the concept and the scale, and taking it into a new genre.

Does PlanetSide 2 Have a Large Enough Player Base?

So, I think I’m proving my point here and I think I may even be beating a dead horse at this point. I think people are gonna be like, okay, Sergeant Merrell, we get it. The game is cool. But it could still be dead, even though it’s cool because there’s not enough people to correctly implement the proper meta and get the game play that it was meant to have. Guys, this is my first game back right here. There’s a reason that I’m not showing jump cuts to all different kinds of game play, showing different classes. I wanted to show you the first 20 minutes of me back in the game. And I didn’t know what to expect.

Part of me felt like the player base had maybe died down to a point where there’d only be certain scattered fights around the map. But, man, if I could show my face of me playing right now, there’s a smile going on. Here we’re able to infiltrate an amp station, there’s plenty of resistance, there’s plenty of fights goin’ on, plenty of engagements. More than just winning or losing, just enjoying the damn game. It’s everything that Planetside 2 was meant to be.

I’m sure there’s down times, just like with any game, though. I tried to play PUBG at six o’clock in the morning the other day and I couldn’t get a damn game to save my life. And that’s one of the most popular games out there right now. So, I’m sure I’ll hear some people say, oh, man, there’s not so much action as there used to be. Man, jump in at seven o’clock at night on any day during the week and you’re gonna get the same gameplay that you see right in front of me.

Now again, we’re not gonna talk about complaints about, “Man, if the enemy completely outnumbers us then we get ran over.” Dude, that’s just the nature of Planetside 2. And there’s plenty of fun to be had, even when you’re losing. That’s what I really enjoy about it. Even when our team is getting their asses handed to us, there’s still fun to be had. I’ll jump into a max and I’ll just kill 20 people before they finally kill me. Or I’ve done a video on this, I call it my Helen Keller infiltrator class, where I’m just gettin’ behind enemy lines and just jumpin’ back and forth and snakin’ back and forth, being so unpredictable to shoot, and I find a lot of enjoyment in that. Collectively, the NC will be getting their asses kicked. But me as an individual, I’m havin’ a blast with it.

Sony Online Entertainment vs. Daybreak Games

I could also use your help if you’ve been playing Planetside 2 because it would be the elephant in the room if I didn’t mention that Sony Online Entertainment is now Daybreak Games and I don’t know a lot about the team since they transitioned over to that name. Have they been more committed to this game? I know they brought on Wrel. Wrel is one of my favorite Planetside 2 commentators, one of my favorite YouTubers. So I’m gonna put a link here for you to check him out. They brought him onto the team when it transitioned over to Daybreak Games, and he has seemed very committed. I still follow him on Twitter.

So, if you’ve been playing Planetside 2 and you’ve been through the transition, both before and after, I’d love to hear what you think about the not necessarily new team, but the transition and how they’ve handled it.

Also, let me know what you guys think of Planetside 2 at this point. Are any of you guys with me? Have you played since the beta, since this damn thing came out? I’ve got some footage I could show you of what it used to look like when galaxies used to act like sunderers and you would just deploy them, land them, deploy them. I’ve got some really old footage from this game. Do I have anybody who’ve been around from the beginning? What do you still think of Planetside 2? Do you feel the same way I do? What ultimately made you leave the game, if you simply don’t play anymore? And have you found the same experience with any new game? That’s all I got for this video, guys. Thanks for sticking around.

This is Sergeant Merrell, out here.


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